Our Group

No judgement

All our kids are different. Their fixations, understanding and processing vary. We will provide a space where that is accepted, all of the children that attend our group understand each other and support one another. 


Our children vary in age, ability and diagnosis so there is nothing you are experiencing that we haven't seen, heard or dealt with before!

No Diagnosis?

If you believe your child lives with ASD/Autism but is not diagnosed yet please still come along! The diagnosis process can be difficult and our kids and parents know just how to help! 


Siblings are more than welcome, there is no extra charge for bringing a sibling and they will be just as much a member of our group. They are often a huge help and we know they deserve as much recognition and support. 

Quiet Space

We understand our kids all look for different environments. Therefore we have two separate rooms. So don't worry if your child prefers a quiet space, we can provide this! 

Any questions?

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us. Via Twitter, Facebook or Email.